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Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting: how it works, why we do it, and why it's an important tool in the fight against climate change.

Our Approach

What makes Offsetra different? How do we operate? What are our goals and standards?

Carbon.FYI Methodology

Get to know the methodology behind our handmade Carbon.FYI emissions calculator for transactions on the Ethereum network

Our Projects

Check out the projects that we've supported - from wind & solar in India, to forest Protection in the Amazon.

Offset Projects

Additional information about the types of offset projects we support and how they use your support to offset carbon emissions.

Offsetra Grow - FAQ

It's not just your contribution that matters, but the collective impact of all the people who have joined you. Learn about using Grow here.

🗒️ Offsetra Blog

See what we've been thinking about lately on our Medium blog.

Offset Checkout API

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