Additional information about the types of offset projects we support and how they use your support to offset carbon emissions.

Sustainability projects

Learn about sustainability projects which generate carbon offsets.

Carbon Offset Origins

Carbon offsets come from a variety of sustainability-oriented projects. Offsetra only sources offsets from validated and verified projects under strict internationally recognized standards.

Example carbon offset projects

  1. Carbon sequestration via reforestation. Biological sequestration absorbs CO2 emissions through the growth of vegetation and the continued storage of some of the carbon in plant tissues and organic materials derived from plant tissues (e.g. stored in the soil). An example project is the restoration of degraded mangrove landscapes in Myanmar, carried out by Worldview International Foundation.
  2. Renewable energy. Renewable Energy projects include hydro, wind, and photovoltaic solar power, solar hot water and biomass power and heat production. Many renewable energy projects have high up-front capital costs, although they may offer high rates of return, and their operating costs are often minimal once built. Carbon offsets help support these projects by providing an additional revenue stream to offset their high up-front capital costs. The wind energy power project in India is an example. This project helps reduce 182,016 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent a year by replacing polluting fossil fuel power plants.
  3. Methane capture. Methane’s global warming potential is about 21 times greater than that of CO2. Methane is produced and emitted by landfills, during wastewater treatment, in natural gas and petroleum systems, from agricultural activities (livestock and rice cultivation), and during coal mining. Methane is basically ‘natural gas’ and can therefore be captured and used as a source of energy. Such projects include those that capture and purify methane in wastewater treatment plants or landfills and use it for electricity production or the production of another form of energy. The West Star North Dairy project in California, USA is an example project that captures methane from a dairy farm and uses it for energy.